Blurred Edges is a multi media project exploring the boundaries of contemporary perceptions on reality.

Using intriguing and strange images created by photographing hand made models made from everyday materials, the photographs are morphed, manipulated and juxtaposed with the atmospheric, dense drones of sound artist, Red Fog .

SE1 installation

'Trepidation' 2011 - multi media installation in collaboration with Red Fog

24th June to 17th July 2011
selected by Edward Lucie Smith and Max Presniell

The blurred edges of our reality has been a discussion for philosophers since time in memoriam, but more recently, Jean Baudrillard has informed contemporary thinking on reality by suggesting that it is merely an "experiment". He proposes that we are living in a simulated world in which the principles of scientific evidence and verification are used to convince us that we are encountering it. But "reality" he says "is nothing more than the apocalypse of simulation".


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