Regeneration and the Premises Crises:



Finding the Space for Art

Anyone involved in the arts or in cultural policy will know why this event took place, without having needed to attend, and they may well be wondering why it had not taken place before.

No area knows more about the cultural industries premises crises than the East End of London, where several thousand visual artists have settled since the area's industrial decline in the last generation, taking full advantage of the cheap warehouse and factory space lying derelict in its post-industrial years. Now, however, the economy has stabilised and, with the ongoing demand for loft apartments, landlords and local authorities are in the privileged position of deciding how to use these properties. Without affordable property, workspace providers, along with their resident artists, will be squeezed out of the area, taking away that lively cultural environment which had originally acted as a catalyst for the new gentrification.

In their conference, Regeneration and the Premises Crises, Bow Arts Trust, Cable Street Studios, and Chisenhale Studios question what has become the view that there is a natural process of displacement of artists during regeneration. The conference has challenged this accepted view and has reminded us of the value of our artists and workspace providers to the community and policymakers alike. It has provided an awareness of the premises plight whilst offering practical solutions to solve the problem.

Part I of this report begins documentation of the conference with its principal speakers. Part II concludes the conference with a presentation of relevant case studies. Part III outlines the plan of action arising out of the conference.

Vision in Art
September 2000
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We would like to thank the following individuals and agencies for their generous contribution enabling the event to take place:
Nick Green, Policy Officer, Town and Country Planning Association
Graham Hitchen, Cultural Advisor, Greater London Authority
John Lock (chairperson), Regional Manager, University of East London
Marcel Baettig, Bow Arts Trust
Michael Cubey, Cable Street Studios
Helen Ridge, Chisenhale Arts Place
City Fringe Partnership
Cityside Regeneration
Cultural Industries Development Agency
The Government Office for London
Queen Mary and Westfield College
Rose Butler, Zoom In
Suzanne Downward
Tom Fleming, CIDA
Sioned Jones
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Registered delegates

Pierre Alexandre Coindre, Centre
    of Attention
Manoj Ambasna, Haringey Arts Council
Deborah Astell
Marcel Baettig, Bow Arts Trust
Simon Bedwell, Underwood Studios
Anne Brooks, Free Form Arts Trust
Tanera Bryden, Maryland Studios
Trevor Burgess
John Burton, Urban Space Management
Rose Butler, Zoom In
Andrew Carmichael, Art in Perpetuity
Nick Cattermole
Jeremy Clarke, Bow Arts Trust
Ben Coode-Adams, Horse Workshops
Rob Cowan, Point Blank
Michael Cubey, Cable Street Studios
Jo Curl, Leaside Regeneration Ltd.
Heather Deedman, ACME Studios
Georgia Dickson, Goldsmiths College
Naomi Dines, Occupation Studios
Alan Dix, LB Greenwich
Holly Donagh, London Arts
Graham Downes, Oxford House
Suzanne Downward
Tim Eastop, Arts Council of England
Bobbie Fennick, City Studios
Tom Fleming, Cultural Industries
    Development Agency
Fiona Furness, Space Studios
Shreela Ghosh, LB Tower Hamlets
Francis Graham-Dixon, Francis Graham-
    Dixon Gallery
Nick Green, Town and Country
    Planning Association
Alex Hamilton, Arbutus Street Studios
Paulene Hamilton, Cockpit Arts
Cllr Bob Harris, LB Greenwich/London Arts
Graham Hitchen, Greater London Authority
James Hoare
Barbara Holland, LB Greenwich
Alan Humberstone, National Artists
Magnus Irvin, City Studios
Peter Jeeps, Spacia Railtrack Properties
Malcolm Jones, Bermondsey Artists Group
Peter Jones, Bow Arts Trust
Sioned Jones
Calum Kerr, Dalston Underground Studios
Nicholas Kirkham
Simon Kirkham
Ute Kreymann, City Studios
Victor Kuell, The London Group
Warren Lakin, Writers Republic
Elizabeth Lemoine
John Lock, University of East London
Cllr Janet Ludlow, LB Tower Hamlets
John McLeod, Arbutus Street Studios
Michael Medora, Colour Holographics
Myriam Metcalf, National Artists
Rob Millar, Leaside Regeneration Ltd.
Tracey Murkett
Eamen Mythen, London Thames
    Gateway Forum
Asha Nayee, Arts Council of England
Hilary Nicholl, Arts Council of England
Dimity Nicholls, Arts & Events
    Chiswick Town Hall
Edith Okoth-Awuor, Spitalfields Small
    Business Centre
Jamie Ounan, LB Tower Hamlets
Eliza Patten, Space Studios
Janet Patterson, The London Group
Claire Phillips, National Artists
Maggie Pinhorn, Alternative Arts
Janet Poorman, Cityside Regeneration
Eva Pryce, Women's Art Library/
    Limehouse Foundation
Sarah Purvis, City Fringe Partnership
Kiran Rao, Arts Consultant
Alison Raimes, Cable Street Studios
Michael Regan, Chisenhale Studios
Martin Richman, Underwood Studios
Helen Ridge, Chisenhale Studios
Catherine Rive, Maryland Studios
Ian Robertson, London Guildhall University
Charlotte Robinson, Space Studios
Nichol Robinson, Brady Centre/Dash Gallery
Muriel RyanAileen Ryan, Vision in Art
Andy Sadr, GVA Grimley
Mhora Samuel, ABL
Wendy Shales, Department of Culture
    Media, and Sport
Alice Sharp, Space Studios
Ellie Sice, SAFE Studios
Duncan Smith, ACAVA
Oliver Sylge, LB Greenwich
David Tannahill, Peabody Trust
Carole Thomas, LB Newham
Milly Thompson, Underwood Studios
Louise Venn, Arts Council of England
Cheryl Voller, Meridian Line Publishing
Mark Wainwright, Barbican Arts Group Trust
Sue Wilson, British Library
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