“Working in a more overt way with light, Brignell and Raimes’ installation invites the viewer into a private experience, where, on peeping ino the box and listening in to the headphones, you are drawn into a sci-fi fantasy world where all sense of the real world is occluded and we are not sure whether we are viewing scenes of a cosmic or molecular nature. As our everyday perceptiion, excluded from those realms of existence, is totally unequipped to interpret such scenes, we are left in a perpetual limbo. Disorientation would seem to be the natural viewing response here. The intriguing aspect of this work is how strange, apparently exotic, images and sounds can be produced from the prosaic, everyday materials that Brignell and Raimes use to create their work.”
Roy Exley, catalogue entry for ‘Multicomplexificationalities” at the Nunnery, June 2007.